We most often work in a bespoke way with the businesses and organisations who contract us. Below are some examples of the projects we undertake and ways in which we work, but do feel free to contact us about anything which is not explicitly mentioned.

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Training, Coaching and Mentoring

We can work with key people or groups within your organisation in a training, coaching or mentoring capacity. We can work 1:1, in teams, at work or in a classroom type or "away day" environment. We can build innovative programmes and interventions around the four Cornerstones and also around more standard management principles and topics but underpinned with a systems thinking modality, thus ensuring a more connected and thorough understanding. Such standard items may include policies and operating procedures; understanding budgets and profit and loss; project planning; models and strategic planning and more.

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Systemic Analysis and Implementation

Not to be confused with Systems Analysis (click the Cornerstone for more info), this is an analysis of operations and the non-linear networks of systems. This can include people and leadership, team dynamics and structure, communities of practice, IT, operating procedures, policies, structural balance, information and material flows. The products of the analysis can be 3D 'molecular' models, reports and/or presentations.

This is underpinned by the systems-thinking modality and aims to find blockages and problems. The implementation phase aims to find leverage points to help to build consciousness in the organisation, thus maximising effectiveness and the achievement of organisational goals.

Systemic Analysis - Systemic Creative

Organisational Modelling

Part of the wider service detailed above, We can build (or, better, support you to build) a 3 dimensional 'molecular' model of your organisation. Much more advanced and informative than an organogram, it includes information about weak links, blocks, flows and the relative isolation or connectedness of communities of practice. It's an intuitive, accessible format which can lead to "eureka" moments!

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Team Inception, Orientation and Support

We can facilitate and support team induction, orientation, support and away days to help maximise performance and contribution. We use the same underpinning principles as our other work and incorporate particular training, support or information relevant to your organisation and goals for the day. These days are available for any level within an organisation, from front-line workers to senior management and executives. They are innovative, engaging and a long way from some of the clichéd and predictable programmes available under the heading "team-building"!

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Recruitment and Assessment Centres

A conscious organisation, as described above, absolutely relies on having the right people in place. Using some highly innovative materials from the Systemic Creative Training Programme, and the principles on which it is based, We can support the development, delivery and facilitation of unique assessment centres to ensure you get the right people for the job. As an additional benefit, these events add significantly to your organisational reputation by ensuring that even unsuccessful candidates get something positive from the experience in return for the time they've devoted to the process.

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Systems and Project Evaluation

We all need to understand how our systems are working and what outcomes our projects are really delivering. Are they what was intended or have they become something different? A systemic perspective powerfully aids understanding in this regard can provide suggestions for change and improvement which are deeply insightful. We can work with you in this way to provide evaluation of projects, systems and procedures, including innovative aspects to reports and briefings such as causal loop diagramming and 3D structural modelling.

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Management Consultancy

Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and just need an extra pair of eyes and an external brain to help troubleshoot and solve problems.  Our areas of expertise are people, operational management and strategy. We're available to help on a contract basis and can also work on a retainer format with pre-agreed standard fees, just dipping in as and when you need the extra support. This works really well for some clients and means we get to know your organisation well. As you'll expect, the Cornerstones are our underpinning methodology of operation.

Contacting and Contracting Systemic Creative


We can work with all types of organisation - small, medium, large, private, local authority, not for profit.... We can also sometimes do pro bono or special rate work for charities and community organisations, so do get in touch to enquire about this.

Please contact us with your thoughts on what you feel you, your team, your business or organisation needs and we will get in touch for a discussion on how we feel we can best support you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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