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At the heart of Systemic Creative is a set of highly innovative Training Programmes and Courses based on the Organisation as Organism concept and the Systemic Creative Cornerstones. These are a powerful way to inspire teams and leaders, and help businesses and organisations grow their effectiveness, resilience and creativity through the development of 'organisational consciousness'. The foundation module - The Conscious Organisation - is also available for delivery in a keynote format.

We can also work in a bespoke way with your business or organisation, in a consultancy or coaching capacity. We will listen carefully and work with you to create a support package which will be of real benefit. This might include systemic analysis, training, coaching and mentoring, team sessions, project work and much more. 

Our work focusses on the successful combination of people, data, operations and strategy, and incorporates MIS, CRM and other data management software systems. We also sometimes work in partnership with other consultants or organisations whom we feel can bring extra skills and benefits to a project.

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