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Systemic Creative - building conscious organisations


How conscious is your organisation?

Are the systems of operation connected and fluid?

Does your organisation grow and learn dynamically as a whole, or are there isolated communities of practice working out of sync and creating organisational cognitive dissonance?

Do you have a shared culture of leadership within your organisation and do people really understand how to listen to each other, with heart and mind as well as ears, and efficiently interpret those communications?

If the answers to any of these questions leaves you feeling anxious, then Systemic Creative can help. We specialise in supporting businesses, organisations, teams and leaders to maximise their effectiveness through the enhancement of organisational consciousness.  We use the tools of organisational development, listenership coaching and systemic analysis, and take a renegade view of leadership based on the ideas of emergent and systemic cognition. A conscious organisation is aware, awake, ready to respond to challenges and move forward.  It operates with minimal internal anxiety and so is efficient and harmonious. It is creative, dynamic and resilient in the fast-changing modern world.

To learn how to apply these principles in your organisation, check out our ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting Organisational Development Programme.


And if you want to move beyond the steady realm of standard management consultancy and take your organisation to the next level, then please have a look at our bespoke services, get in touch, or click on one of the four cornerstones below to learn more about Systemic Creative methodology.

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