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At Systemic Creative, we believe that fun, exploration and adventure add enormously to creative output. Indeed, according to a study conducted by David Strayer at the University of Utah, participants who took a creativity test after a four to six day backpacking trip scored 50 percent higher than those who took the test before the trip!


So our YouTube channel is about practicing what we preach and sharing the things we do to re-create, including creative systems projects and the adventures of our athlete team - Team Systemic Creative.


You might find the odd bit of interesting business and organisational learning content too...

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Photos from Systemic Creative Development Programmes...

Click to download our office bike generator wiring diagrams!

Our Office Bike Generator

This gets a lot of attention, so we've given it it's own section!
We built a bike generator from recycled parts in our office which we use to power our phones, laptops and other good stuff - chomping down on our carbon footprint whilst getting fit.
It's so popular with visitors and clients that we decided to produce a YouTube video series about how to build one. There are links to some of the videos here, and you can also download the wiring diagrams by clicking the PDF link. Do please read the disclaimer before you build anything though!

Links from You Tube Films

Use this section to find linked information from our You Tube films. Sometimes, you will find links to this page from the video description. The documents here contain the information referred to. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us to let us know. Enjoy!

Artist Information for showcase stills at the end of Monument Valley film.

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